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Common Sense My Parents Taught Me

Science and engineering

Science shows/teaches us how things work i.e. nature, atmosphere, stars, the sun, etc.

Engineering is showing/teaching us how to use things such as cars and planes, televisions, cell phones, etc.

It is imperative to know how things work and how to use them, but more importantly is to know the difference between the two.

We’re still trying to figure out how the body works, especially in healing itself and staying healthy.

Using science to observe nature and its various environmental cycles of evolvement, we know that growth cycles are important to the health and welfare of everything.

Such is the same with the human body and its many and various growth cycles. Such as, the sleep cycle, the menstrual cycle, etc.

Science is more real and tangible than imaginary, Religion is more imaginary and intangible than real. So why do we place more importance on what we think about God than what we know about Science?

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