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How we did it:

Lessons learned from the family vacation/mini reunion of July 2022

We established a core group/team committed to do a reunion that was all about the family and less about the individual. In other words, it’s less about you and what you want and more about the collective efforts of the group, in cooperation with all other family participants to achieve the Ultimate goal of a perfect family reunion and great time had by all.

1- The core team should come up with a time and place to have the reunion, if a change to an already established family tradition. I.e. the annual family reunion Picnic in Las Vegas.

2- schedule conference calls to recruit volunteers from a wide spectrum of family members around the country to suggest and help coordinate possible reunion activities.

3- set up a website for mass Communications, I.e. announcing, posting, and interfacing

4- set up a core text group for texting Conference/zoom call links, as well as for immediate feedback.

5- The frequency of conference/zoom calls should increase once a date and place has been established and the core team is looking at activities, amenities, etc., associated with this reunion.

6- at this point supplemental groups/teams should be set up to handle lodging, activities, and amenities. Recommend at least two members per team minimal.

7- our core group consisted of Lena, DeChet, Geraldine, Royetta, and uncle George.

7A- Lena (initiation, meetings and zoom calls, website, scheduling, transportation, etc.)

7B- DeChet (initiation, date, time, and place, website updates, invitations, amenities for participants, activities, etc.)

7C- Geraldine (Lodging, Picnic, Food, amenities, etc.)

7D- Royetta (t-shirts, recruiting, packaging, attractions, amenities, etc.)

7E- Uncle George (genealogy, Lodging, coordinating, facilitating, etc.)

8- core group’s comments and lessons learned to follow…Remember “facts tell but stories sell”

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