In Memory of Delores Kemp Aug 28, 1941 - Jan 16, 2011

Delores Jeanette Kemp [Hodges, Pickens]

Delores Jeanette Kemp - On what would have been her 82nd birthday:

I think of how great a sister, mother, teacher, mentor, and all around caring human being that she was, leaving a legacy that should and must be remembered.

Early in life, she was an extraordinary gifted athlete and straight A student, destined to be the first in our family to do many great things, only to be temporarily derailed by crippling arthritis.

Obsessed with education instilled upon her by her parents, who both had only a high school education. She was passionate about growing and achieving success as a person of color and bringing others along for the ride.

Delores‘s main goal was to educate herself, become a teacher, and educate others including family. Due to her health problems and partly because of them, she chose the field of special education.

Throughout two marriages and four children who she practically had to raise by herself, she build an amazing teaching career. She also loved to cook, laugh, have fun and a good time, especially with family.

Delores is affectionately and faithfully remembered on this day.

Listening to your last words echoing from your voice mail on Dec 24th 2010, “Love You [Brother]”, I can conclude by saying… Love You Sis, looking forward to your 83rd birthday remembrance❣️

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