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Our family vacation/mini-reunion is well on its way

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

So far we have our lodging and transportation needs pretty much set.

We have solidified the days that we’re going to have a reunion type activity or event. Those are Sunday and Monday, the 24th and 25th of July. On these two days we plan to have a picnic and a slightly more formal dinner boat cruise. As we work out the details of these two events family members joining us should start looking at things to do and see while you’re here in San Diego.

No event or activity planned goes without cost. We have looked into the total cost per family/individual to attend our main events i.e. Sunday and Monday events, and posted it on our new “Kemp Connection”website!

Although we are all excited about seeing everyone and reconnecting with family members, we also want to have a great vacation in San Diego.

To this end, we should give some thought to why family reunions are important to us, and how it impacts our family’s growth and prosperity. For example, Lena and I have been corresponding a lot about African history and now we get a chance to continue that conversation face-to-face. We also will spend some time talking about some business ventures we have been discussing.

Also, I will suggest that we look to see who’s coming and contact those we most want “to catch up with” beforehand. This would help in deciding and coordinating activities outside of the main two events, that you would like to attend while you’re here. I believe this will immensely enhance your vacation. I am thinking about Alexandria, Adriana, Lena, and Lorna…, for example. (“giving him something he can feel”)

I Plan to use “the Kemp connection”website to post historical blogs, updated Genealogy trees, reunion updates, and other family activities/events

I’m finding new family members and making new Genealogy discoveries almost every day. For example, I believe I’ve found uncle Roy’s biological father… Marion Hicks who was living in St. Louis, on Lucas Avenue where our Missouri family connections, the Burt’s, Dorsey’s, Baldwin’s, etc., all lived in 1920!

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