Reunion summary/status update (19 June)

Family vacation and mini Reunion: San Diego, CA; 21 - 28 July 2022

1- Core dates: 24 and 25

Sunday 24 July: initial Meet and Greet, swag bag+ distribution, and Dinner Cruise.

Monday 25 July: Catered Family Picnic at San Dieguito Park, Area three(3).

Other events/activities dates:

Thursday 21 July: Legoland Trip (1-day pass)

Friday 22nd July: Disneyland Trip (1-day pass)

Wednesday 27 July: Disneyland Trip (1-day pass)

2- Size - Number of participants & ages: total for all events

37 adults 11 and over

14 children 4-11

6 children under 4

3- Events and Entertainment - Core events:

Meet & Greet: 24 July, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM at Harrah’s Hotel. Come pick up your Swag bag and T-shirt while you mix and mingle with family members.

Dinner Cruise: 24 July, 6:00 - 9:00 PM, on the Flagship Cruise line. 30+3 (child?)

Reunion picnic: 25 July, 9:30 AM - Sunset. 55 (35+14+6)

Non-core events:

Legoland 21 July, Thursday (5-participants)

Disney 22 July, Friday (7-participants)

Disney 27 July, Wed (19-participants)

4- travel and Lodging

21 to 26 July: Walker and Hutchins; VH/ABB

22 to 26 July: Hill, Jordan, Maness, Glass, Green; Miramar Lodge

24 to 28 July: Winston, Winfree, JD; Harrah’s hotel

Notes: a- The walkers and Hutchins will be arriving on the 21st from Texas. b- The Hills and Mainess’s will be arriving on the 22nd; the Jordan’s and Glass’s on the 24th from LA. c- the Winston‘s and Winfree’s will be arriving on the 24th; Winfree’s will be driving in from Las Vegas where they will return on the 28th to fly back home. d- Larriane & Latanya arriving on the 20th from Tennessee. e- Cynthia,Daniel, Marcus, et al; are coming from Vegas/LA on the 24th/25th.

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