What's Happening?!

Notes and thoughts from the facilitator:

So far, what we have is a family vacation in San Diego coupled with two Family reunion style get-together events. And I believe this was our primary goal as we got started!

Now that we have a pretty good idea of who is joining us, I would like to explore a little bit more about their expectations, as to what would make this vacation a successful one for them (individually).

For example: me being a an old fart, GG Pa, this family vacation is a complete success when I can hang out with my nieces families as much as possible, doing fun things with the kids and having some quality bonding time with the Adults! Of course, my goals and expectations are a little different since I already live here in San Diego, and I have seen many of the places and attractions that other family members coming in, may have not!

In other words, our expectations for this family vacation to be successful for us, individually and collectively, may differ.

So having said all this, if everyone could take a moment and think about what would make this trip a complete success for them; that they would consider doing it again sometime soon!

These are the perspectives we should have thus far.

Family member categories:

⁃ Young parents with kids

⁃ *Young adults without kids

⁃ Grandparents and great grandparents

⁃ Teenagers and preteens

*not represented on our zoom calls

You don’t have to share this information with me. But if you do, I can better facilitate and coordinate activities to conform to your expectations and maximize the chances of complete success for everyone!

Much love ❤️ Getting excited 😍 Let’s do this❣️❣️❣️”

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